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Will you buy Modern Warfare 2’s Stimulus Package?

1200 MS points. Ouch. That’s how much megaton shooter Modern Warfare 2’s new map packwill costwhen it launches on March 30th on Xbox Live. In real-world moolah, that’s a purse strings-pounding $15/£10. Called the Stimulus Package, it features a paltry five maps. Although the good news for COD completists is that two of those are beloved efforts from the first Modern Warfare (namely Crash and Overgrown).

Above: Overgrown as seen in the first MW

We’ve got no beef with being charged for DLC. But,as we discussed last week, is a new map pack really enough to entice people back to Modern Warfare, especially at such a hefty price? To put it into perspective, here’s what you could buy for the same amount…

Battlefield 1943

Trials HD


Rent two new HD films with points to spare

A massive burger that'll probably kill you

So, with that in mind, we’re posing the $64 million or… eh 15 buck question below, in handy poll form.

If you voted 'Yes, but I'll buy it anyway'what's persuaded you to part with the dosh?Do you havea semi debilitating COD addiction that knows no bounds in terms of cost? Or are you just desperate to get hands-on with the vintage Modern Warfare maps? Hit up ourFacebookandTwitteraccounts with your thoughts and together your tiny individual voices will morph into an ear-shattering cacophony of deafening internet opinion.

Mar 15, 2010