Will Transformers 2 Be Better Than Terminator Salvation?

Bay got things rolling on Friday, calling out the Terminator trailer’s attempt at “trying to duplicate Transformer size robots in their ads."

Now McG has slapped back. Well, sort of. “It bothers me to tell you the truth," he told Comcast . "Ultimately, our large robots have nothing to do with the Transformers robots. I say with respect, giant robots have been the theme of film for a real long time.”

With respect? Come on McG, you can do better than that!

So if McG isn't going to step up to the plate and enter a pissing contest with Bay, we'll make one up ourselves...[page-break]

1. The Leading Men

Um… is there really any comparison here? Witwicky might have his wise cracks, but Connor would wipe the floor with the little shrimp. And in real life, Bale gets picked up for arguing with his mum whereas LaBeouf gets arrested for… loitering.

Terminator: 1, Transformers: 0 [page-break]

2. The Posters

Almost a dead heat on poster quality alone, but we love the original flash-animated version of the Salvation poster. It might be early days for the Transformers 2 campaign, but it needs to step up a gear.

Terminator: 2, Transformers: 0 [page-break]

3. The Robots

Transformers promises the likes of Devastator, a giant Decepticon made up of construction vehicles. Terminator has the giant Hunter-Killers. Which are nothing to do with the Terminator franchise. We’re giving this one to Bay.

Terminator: 2, Transformers: 1 [page-break]

4. The Trailers

Salvation's action versus... er...

Yeah, this one is a default as Terminator Salvation has a kick-arse trailer and Transformers doesn’t have a shred of proper footage online yet. Terminator takes it.

Terminator: 3, Transformers: 1 [page-break]

5. The Women

Terminator boasts Bryce Dallas Howard as Kate Connor: doctor, fighter, and wife. Transformers has Megan Fox. We love Bryce, but the Fox wins, largely due to being lit and dressed as if she's in a coke advert.

Terminator: 3, Transformers: 2

So it looks like we have a winner. Our advice - start mouthing off McG. You've got plenty to shout about.

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