Will somebody who watches Batman: The Brave and the Bold please explain the game trailer to us?

GamesRadar’s gone on record as beingpretty fond of Batman. So, of course we’re looking forward to Batman: Brave and the Bold, as it looks like a glorious return to the beat ‘em ups of our youth, gorgeously animated by WayForward Technologies, the folks behind the recentA Boy and his Blob.But in our best 60's TVnarrator voice, we have to ask: "What's THIS, Batfans?!"

Above: What the hell is going on here?!

Unfortunately, we’ve never seen the animated series on which its based, and that makes whatever the hell is going on in the trailer all the more baffling. It would appear to be a tongue in cheek reference to the Superfriends era of DC animation, sort of like if the Wonder Twins were in charge of hocking Justice League games. Oh, and it’s incredibly watchable regardless of how little it shows in terms of actual gameplay.

Nothing against the game;we’re diggin it thus far. But we’re used to our Batman animated series being brooding and dark, and this… this is incredibly silly? Sure, it brought a smile to our faces, but what the hell?! Until someone here actually goes and watches an episode, we can’t really tell if the trailer above is insulting or the greatest thing we’ve ever seen. Let us know what you think?

Sep 2, 2010