The Wii can be one noisy box. Internal whirring, the welcome chime, the clicking as you pass over the Wii channels - even the most minor of Wii sessions is a guaranteed aural bombardment. However, listen carefully and you%26rsquo;ll find that the little white box is capable of syringing hot tuneful goodness through this waxy build-up of irksome clicks and beeps - and so it is with this semi-medical purpose in mind that we present the choicest Wii musical cuts currently available. Most of them can be heardhere.

Twilight Princess - Orchestral theme
Koji Kondo%26rsquo;s opening video orchestral medley is brooding, light, exciting and gentle all in one - the perfect taster of the game that is to come. If only the rest of the tunes weren%26rsquo;t cursed with damned MIDI.

Red Steel - Choir theme
Big budget sound for a big budget title. Tom Salta%26rsquo;s opening theme includes traditional Japanese stringed instruments the Koto and Shamisen, and everyone%26rsquo;s favorite bamboo flute, the Shakuhachi.

Wing Island - Conk island
Floaty and uplifting. The game is pure chickenfeed but the soundtrack channels a soaring sense of heroism - and reminds us of Hayao Miyazaki%26rsquo;s amazing witchcraft/bakery film Kiki%26rsquo;s Delivery Service.

WarioWare - Form Baton training
Nothing gets you in the mood for a lesson in arm-flailing better than the deep sultry grooves that accompany Wario %26rsquo;s obscenely smooth narrator.

Twilight Princess - Wolf duets
When Link takes to the sky with the Golden Wolf to howl a duet in the moonlight there%26rsquo;s nary a dry eye in our office. A lip trembler/goose bump inducer of the highest order.