Wii U Nintendo Network to sell downloaded games at a discounted price. If you buy the premium console, that is

The Wii U premium console doesn't just come with an extra chunk of storage memory and a couple of plastic controller stands. It also comes with Nintendo Network Premium, which seems to be Nintendo's PlayStation Plus Lite.

Lasting two years from the console's launch (presumably to encourage early adoption and a big launch window investement in the more expensive of the two console models), Nintendo Network Premium offers a standard 10% discount across the board on all digitally downloaded games. This isn't the first time Nintendo has been seen to be aggressively pushing the digital market with the Wii U, apparently already offering "insane incentives" to publishers who put their games out on the Wii U's online shop.

How much of a bargain this turns out to be will obviously vary depending on how much downloading any particular player is likely to do, not to mention how many games will fit on the premium console's 32Gb flash memory. And of course, whatever Nintendo's digital download prices turn out to be like in their undiscounted form. Ninty has already set a fairly dubious precedent with the 3DS eShop.

David Houghton
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