Wii love Madden

The Madden series will be making its way to Nintendo's newly named Wii console as a totally unique product. Going under the working title of Madden Revolution, the game will have the same astonishing detail as other next-gen versions, but you'll interact with the motion-sensitive Wii controller.

From the line of scrimmage to the snap, the motion of receiving the ball will have to be mimicked with the controller in hand. Then, to make a pass, you'll have to make the motion of the desired pass with the controller.

The developers at EA's Burnaby studio have been working hard at getting Wii to understand the various ways in which a football can be thrown, so you'll be able to deliver short, sharp passes as well as lofted Hail Marys.

Above: What's next? A force-feedback controller that knocks you flat on your ass?

It's not just throwing that's dictated by the player's movement. For instance, to kick accurately, you must swing the controller as though it were the kicker's leg; a straight, speedy motion will ensure a powerful and precise kick.

When running with the ball, the controller can be used to evade tackles by tilting it left or right, while a thrust forward will hand-off opponents.

It all sounds... interesting, and it's encouraging to see that EA will be bringing its big-hitting franchises to Wii along with the necessary tweaks to get the most out of the console's capabilities.

Madden Revolution will be playable at E3 in less than two weeks. And no, that's not an actual screen up there - that would be the Xbox 360's Madden 2006.

April 27, 2006