Wii accessories priced

Friday 15 September 2006
Nintendo has announced the prices of the first wave of accessories for Wii, its new console that will launch on 8 December in the UK.

A new Wii-mote will set you back £30, while the Nunchuck attachment - which isn't used for every game - and the Virtual Console's Classic Controller will both be priced at £15.

£45 for another Wii-mote and Nunchuck to get your friends involved in the world of Wii multiplayer is an eye-opening price tag, and one that wouldn't seem to fit with Nintendo's all-inclusive and mainstream-courting plans.

The Nunchuck, though, isn't needed for every game, and Nintendo's own Wii Play will actually include an extra Wii-mote. But if £45 seems steep to gamers, it's likely to look a hell of a lot more expensive to the hordes of non-gamers that Nintendo is desperate to win over.

On a lighter note, here's the full list of contents in the UK's Wii package:

Wii console
Wii-mote, with wrist strap
Nunchuck attachment
Wii stand
Wii stand plate
Wii sensor bar
Sensor bar stand
AC adapter
Stereo AV cable
AA battery
Wii Sports (with Wii Tennis, Wii Golf, Wii Baseball, Wii Boxing and Wii Bowling)

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