"Where did that hand just go?": Lae'zel's actor sleeps with Lae'zel while playing as Pink Lae'zel in one of the funniest Baldur's Gate 3 streams ever

Devora Wilde on stream playing out Lae'zel's sex scene.
(Image credit: Devora Wilde)

The voice behind Lae'zel in Baldur's Gate 3, Devora Wilde, has been streaming her playthrough of the game, which recently led up to one of the most confusing headlines I've ever had to write. Last night on stream, while playing as a Pink Lae'zel - or Dev'zel the Githyanki Fighter - Wilde got to indulge in every actor's dream of sleeping with none other than themselves. Though the experience seemed to really mess with her head.

*Light story spoilers for Baldur's Gate 3 ahead!*

"I'm feeling like everyone's sort of flirting a little bit with me," she says to her friend and advisor, Grace on stream. "I just feel, like, really popular right now."

At this point in the game (around 48 minutes into her Twitch stream) Wilde appeared to have the pick of the bunch, and although her friend suggested she "test the waters", Wilde instead takes a moment to consider munching on some celebratory sausages she's been saving for the party. Ultimately, she decides on a partial rest with no food. 

That's when the magic happens. 

Wild's character is awoken in the night by a highly charged Lae'zel. "I've come to sate you, and to be sated," the Githyanki whispers with a rasp as Wilde covers her mouth, gasping.

(Image credit: Devora Wilde)

This is the part where, as you can imagine, chat gets out of control.

"Strap in boils and ghouls," says one viewer. Most of the others are just screaming incoherently, though another jokes that Wilde is getting "Githy with it."

"My heart is beating so fast," says Wild, who seems to be having (understandably) a mini crisis about the whole encounter. "I feel a bit overwhelmed, I sort of wanna change my mind but also I don't." 

Finally, she resolves, "We've come this far, we've gotta do it," and enters the dark temple of lovemaking with herself.

"I recorded these lines, and it feels like I'm listening to another character," Wild says, as if the experience is causing her some dissociative, out of body experience.

Having turned off nudity, there's a little leaf on her doppelganger's privates that ends up sending Wild into a spin, to the point that she needs a break from the ordeal and breaks out a pot of yogurt. 

"The leaf makes the whole situation so much worse," Grace notes.

Sparks fly, pain ensues, and a hand slips down to unseen places, with Wilde wondering aloud, "Where did that hand just go?!" 

(Image credit: Devora Wilde)

Once it's all over, Wilde's character stands revealing a little tuccus despite the failsafes. I sure hope that one viewer's twelve-year-old had left the room by that point.

"Seeing Dev'zel's ass in my face in that last shot – a little bit violated," Wilde explains her feelings about the situation, having had her feelings dashed against the cold stone as Lae'zel denies her love and bids her get up.

"Your moment's over." Githyanki are harsh and distant lovers, as was expected.

Reflecting, Wilde says to chat, "This is the first time I'm seeing these scenes. Obviously I recorded them and I remember recording them – well, bits, I can't remember everything but I remember most of it. This is the first time I'm seeing these scenes, so for me, it's crazy. Her standing in the door like, I was like, 'Hello? Excuse me?'"

Wilde finishes her yogurt in a flurry, tired, confused, and hurt. And by her own words, no less.

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