Wheelman - hands-on

The second mission we played, Introducing Bonita, was half in the car and half on foot. It played like a standard escort mission: get a car, go pick up a guy, drop him over there, shoot anyone in your way. The handful of thugs between us and our objective didn’t put up much of a fight, and made some poor choices regarding cover (much of which was destructible.) This was meant to be a training mission, so difficulty is sure to ramp up later in the game.

After a few minutes of bumper-tag, your car starts to look pretty beat up. Most of the damage modeling is cosmetic, though after a while you’ll lose your top gear and eventually can explode. New vehicles are easy to come by - every car, truck and motorcycle in the game is accessible, including semi trucks. Though we didn’t get to drive one, we expect a shitstorm of chaos to ensue.

The highlight of our time with Wheelman was the car melee attack and the supercharged Cyclone attack, while the on-foot shooting mission left us lukewarm. We’re certainly hoping Midway can build an entertaining world around the awesome driving features, and we eagerly await a deeper look at street-level Barcelona.

Apr 18, 2008