What you missed in the BioShock demo

There's only one weekend left, and then it's just a matter of getting through Monday. We all know what happens after that: BioShock.Until then - or until we find some sort of time-wormhole big enough to fit a copy of the game - we're stuck with just the 20 minute demo released last Monday.

So you've already played the demoall the way through. Well, for an ordinary game once might be good enough and two or three times would just be silly, but this is BioShock we're talking about here. Have you read ourreview? We guarantee that the first time through, while trying to not get cut up by Splicers and avoiding the security systems, you missed some things. We've got all the best bits from the BioShock demo listed right here, and if you read the article and don't see anything you haven't seen before, we dare you to let us know in theforums.

Hard Mode

You've played through on Normal, finished with 9 first aid kits and plenty of EVE Hypos to spare, but that doesn't mean you know the first thing about how to take out a Leadhead Splicer on Hard mode. To unlock this "not available for demo" mode, all you have to do is go to your Xbox Live dashboard and change your profile's default difficulty setting to Hard. When you start a new game, Hard mode will be highlighted. As long as you don't move to Normal or Easy, you can select it. Remember to hit those Splicers in the head with the wrench; just swinging willy-nilly won't cut it this time.