What the hell happened?

Subconscious voyage
To this end, Juli asks Shion's group to help in a dive into M.O.M.O.'s subconscious domain. As the characters dive into M.O.M.O.'s thoughts and implanted memories, Jr. relives his earliest memories of his time in the Yuriev URTV facilities. He recalls his friendship with Nigredo and Albedo, as well as a female URTV named Citrine. He also recalls how he knew the girl M.O.M.O. was modeled after - Sakura Mizrahi. She was a sickly girl who visited the facility for treatment, and they became good friends before she died. Jr. also reveals that when he and Albedo were born, they were conjoined twins, hence their deep link - even as enemies.

Eventually, Albedo breaks into the system and using Jr. as a trigger forces M.O.M.O. to undo the seal deep within her subconscious, revealing the path to Old Miltia for everyone. At the same time it appears, having acquired the rest of the hidden data within M.O.M.O., Albedo transcends into a higher state of consciousness and ceases to exist in a physical form.

As the path to Old Miltia opens, both the Immigration Fleet and the Federation move to conquer the space around it, in attempts to gain access to the Original Zohar still present on the planet. Meanwhile Shion returns to the Dammerung, the flagship of Vector. In a vision, Febronia pleads with Shion to find a way to free her Realian sisters trapped by the Zohar, while Nephilim tells Shion that the path to Old Miltia is now open, and she must make the right choice. Guided by the vision, Shion breaks into the Dammerung's hanger and takes off in a new Vector mech - the ES Dinah.