What the hell happened?

A mysterious kid (or two, or three...)
Riding on the Elsa is a mysterious teenager named chaos. He seems wise beyond his years, and when a Gnosis appears unexpectedly on the Elsa, he appears to remove it from existence by touch alone. The Elsa crew soon find themselves caught in a desperate chase as ships from the U-TIC faction, a rival of Vector, pursue a tiny escape craft. On board that escape craft are the cyborg Ziggurat-8, sent on a special mission by the Federation Government, and his mission objective - a unique Realian girl named M.O.M.O., who nicknames her companion "Ziggy."

Thanks to the Elsa, the craft evades capture and the refugees introduce themselves to the crew. Ziggy was tasked with a mission to recover a top-secret Realian in the possession of U-TIC. The Realian, M.O.M.O., was created by Joachim Mizrahi 14 years prior and contains secret research data on Project Zohar as well as the location of the planet Miltia itself. This is interesting in and of itself - the location of Miltia has been hidden since the Miltia Conflict between the Federation and U-TIC ended with a massive Gnosis invasion. Unfortunately, before they can return to safety, the Elsa runs straight into the huge Gnosis fleet that stole the Emulator from the Woglinde. They are only rescued when the Durandal, the enormous red flagship of the Kukai Foundation, crashes in to claim it.

The Kukai Foundation is a floating colony near the planet Second Miltia, run independently by Gaignun Kukai and Jr., who appears to be Gaignun's son. In reality, Gaignun and Jr. are both surviving URTV (U-DO Retro Virus) units, created during the Miltia Conflict. These URTVs are a large series of cloned siblings created by a scientist named Yuriev, possessing telepathic powers. Their purpose is to combat U-DO, a wave being with the power to destroy all existence. During that time, Gaignun was known as Nigredo, Jr. was known as Rubedo and the two had another friend known as Albedo. Jr. is plagued by nightmares of the day when he broke the link between the URTVs while combating U-DO, presumably causing everyone else to die. Jr. has a unique ability resulting in slow cell development; he maintains the physical form of a young boy for many years.