"What kind of sick show is this?!" – The internet reacts (and tries not to cry) to The Walking Dead season 8, episode 4

We weren’t prepared for this. The Walking Dead season 8 has been (typically) going at a shambling pace for this season – but episode 4 stepped things up a notch in a big way. There will be spoilers and, now that everyone has the wonder of 280 characters at their fingertips, plenty more to say about that moment and everything else that happened in The Walking Dead season 8, episode 4.

Are the spoilerphobes gone? Good. Can we all address the big, dead tiger in the room? RIP Shiva, you’ve gone to CGI heaven. Let Viserion and Henry Cavill’s Justice League moustache keep you company.

Shiva me timbers

Animal deaths in TV shows are never fun. It was the case, too, with Shiva, being mauled by suddenly-aggressive walkers who had spent half the episode trying to break the world record for the slowest walk EVER. As you can imagine, fans of the tiger were a bit upset.

Walkers gonna walk...

My dream, one day, is to commission a study into the ever-decreasing speed of the undead in this show. While never quite at 28 Days Later-levels of ferocity, I’m sure they were quicker than they conveniently were for Ezekiel’s escape. And everyone else seems to agree…

Like Christmas come early for Carol fans

Carol has consistently been the greatest thing about this show for some time now. She got a chance to really shine in this episode, too, with a few neat shootouts and a couple of will they/won’t they moments to keep the audience guessing.

Driving me insane

There’s barely even time to mention the mini car chase that topped off the episode. Walkers + cars = a bad time.

No one can decide whether this show is good anymore

Good? Bad? Either way, we’ve spent 8 years going down this long, tortuous road – and we’re not stopping now.

Image: AMC

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