What Happens In Vegas...

New romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas spins an old story: boy meets girl while both are off their heads on brain-crippling alcohol in Las Vegas, decide to get married in a drunken stupor, discover one has won a huge jackpot with the other’s lucky coin along the way and both hatch a series of plots to snatch the booty for themselves.

Still, this being Hollywood, the pair does eventually end up falling head over heels in lurve and realising the true meaning of togetherness. The boy in this latest case will be played by Ashton “the last time I made a rom com it was the awful A Lot Like Love” Kutcher and Cameron “yeah, I know The Holiday was average, lay off” Diaz.

Julian Farino, a man usually to be found calling the shots on HBO’s series about the ups and downs of Hollywood life (Entourage), is picking up the megaphone with 20th Century Fox providing the cash. Oh, and the script’s been written by Dan Fox, whose last work was the abysmal, laugh-free The Wedding Date. So pardon us if we don’t bet on quality just yet.

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