What Does Alan Partridge Think DVD Stands For?

Alan Partridge: “Do you know what DVD stands for, Lynn?”

His PA, Lynn Benfield: “Yes, I do. Yes I do.”

AP: “Really?

[long pause]

AP: “Go on then, what does it stand for?”

LB: “Digital video disc.”

AP: “Digital video disc?”

[Alan laughs uncontrollably for nearly 10 seconds]

AP: “Digital video disc? [Laughs] It’s digital versatile disc!

[Laughs] Oh, that’s lovely, that. I’ll dine out on that one.

Digital video disc, unbelievable. It’s digital versatile disc.”

LB: “Look at her necklace, that’s very strange.”

AP: “V doesn’t always have to stand for video, you know. It’s versatile because... it is versatile.”

[I’m Alan Partridge: Series One audio commentary]