We've found the perfect Overwatch 1 ending

(Image credit: Blizzard)

The perfect Overwatch ending has been found - and it stars Widowmaker punching someone in the face.

Yesterday on October 3, the Overwatch community bade a sad farewell to the game they'd come to know and love over the past six years. When the servers for Blizzard's shooter were finally turned off however, one player just happened to be cut out at the perfect moment, as you can see in the clip below.

That really is just about the perfect ending to the original Overwatch. Seeing off Blizzard's heroic shooter by being smacked about by Widowmaker so hard that the player got booted out of the game for the rest of time is one hell of an exit. You literally couldn't have scripted it better.

Speaking of the farewell event in general for Overwatch, Blizzard's shooter ended with two simple farewell messages in the in-game chat. Afterwards, the game's community really felt as though the entire thing ended with a whimper - not a bang, as disappointment echoed around the community. 

Otherwise though, the final hours of Overwatch 1 generally consisted of some absolutely unhinged behaviour from players. The game was populated with some incredibly toxic players for the final few hours, as well as confused players, waving Reinhardts, and people that just didn't want the entire thing to end.

Later today on October 4 though, Overwatch 2 will officially be going live on all platforms, taking up the mantle from the now-deceased former game. The Overwatch 2 preload isn't live yet for all platforms - while PC players are already able to pre-install the sequel, console players will have to wait a few more hours yet. 

Head over to our full Overwatch 2 launch times guide for a complete look at when the game goes live in your region around the world. 

Hirun Cryer

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