Westworld showrunners answer one of our biggest questions from the season 3 finale

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The Westworld season 3 finale was filled with twists and turns. And while, thankfully, HBO has already commissioned a fourth season, co-creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, along with executive producer Denise Thé, have been offering up a few answers that could hint at what's to come. 

Before we dive into the Westworld season 3 finale. Spoilers to follow.

Speaking to Deadline, the trio were asked about whether Evan Rachel Wood's character Delores would be returning for Westworld season 4 following her mind being uploaded to the AI Rehoboam. Thé decided to answer, refusing to give a direct "yes" or "no" but strongly suggesting they will "honor" Delores sacrifice. 

"Are you ever really dead in Westworld?" Thé asked rhetorically. "We saw Dolores kind of perish in the worst way. We saw her memory get painfully erased. Personally, I think it’s really important that we honor that death. For me she tried to make this beautiful choice to try and free humanity. She was surprised to find that humans were enslaved in many ways like hosts, and she made the ultimate sacrifice, and gave her life. 

"I heard Evan say on set, 'I choose beauty,' and it just gave me shivers — it’s such a graceful delivery of that line. And I think it’s really important that we honor that particular arc that she’s completely evolved, that she’s become the child who has grown up to take care of the parent, and I think personally it’s the right time to say goodbye to this version of Dolores."

Still, they've brought nearly every other actor and character back time and time again – season 3 was only missing Anthony Hopkins' Ford – so we wouldn't be surprised to see Rachel-Wood helping Caleb leading the rebellion sometime soon.

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