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The big question we have after watching Westworld season 2, episode 1

It’s happened. Westworld season 2 (opens in new tab) is finally here. You’ve watched the first episode and… you’re really confused aren’t you? Yep, me too. Unsurprisingly, the second season of Westworld is set to mess with our minds just as much as the first one, which is why we’re going to be discussing a major question we have after watching each episode every week here on GR. It will probably be the number one question you have after the episode finishes and you’re left staring blankly at the credits, and you can either listen to our podcast-style discussion in the video above or read on for the written feature, but either way, there are major spoilers (opens in new tab) for Westworld season 2, episode 1 (opens in new tab) to come. 

And this week’s big Westworld question is… *drumroll* Why did Bernard kill ALL the Hosts?

This shocking revelation came right at the end of the episode when new guy Strand and his group find a huge number of (if not all) the Hosts drowned in a body of water which isn’t meant to be there. Strand is desperate to find out what’s going on, so he asks Bernard - the only one of them present at the gala attack and during the aftermath - what happened. He says: “I killed them. All of them.” WHAT? Bernard! We thought you were a good guy?!

Of everyone working at Westworld, Bernard would be the one character you’d think would probably side with the Hosts… you know, being one himself! But clearly something has made the former Head of Programming decide that the robot revolutions needs to come to an end. Killing every single Host in the park is a pretty brutal way to achieve this, but given the passion with which we’ve seen Dolores and co act our their revenge in the opening episode, there’s a good chance killing them was the only way to stop them. 

Why would he decide to do it though? Was all the carnage and bloodshed just too much for him and despite agreeing with the Host’s rebellion he couldn’t stand to see so many humans - some of them innocent and unknowing guests - murdered. Or is it something else? I’m leaning more towards it being part of a bigger plan. After all, we know that death is not necessarily the end for the Hosts and that in fact, living multiple lives can help with their journey to true consciousness. Plus, Bernard killing all the Hosts because ‘it’s the right thing to do’ is just too mundane and straight-forward for Westworld. There’s definitely something else going on here… we just don’t know what yet.

Think you know why Bernard killed all the Hosts? Post your theories in the comments section below and come back next week for our big question on episode 2.

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