We're no closer to an exact GTA 6 release date, but is the incoming crime sim likely to follow its forerunners' end-of-year drops?

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Welcome to Grand Theft Autopsy, a recurring feature series here at GamesRadar+ where we dissect the latest news, rumors and general goings on in GTA 6. Concrete information regarding the next mainline instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series remains thin on the ground, but a recent earnings call might, just might, have given us a better idea of the game's much-anticipated, but so far super-elusive, release date. 


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Earlier this month, Rockstar's parent company, Take-Two, held an earnings call wherein head honcho Strauss Zelnick outlined a revised forecast for financial year 25. There, Zelnick downgraded the company's projected earnings in FY25 from $8 billion to $7 billion. And while that still is pretty huge, so too is the deficit – leading many to believe that GTA 6 will slip beyond FY25, which runs from April this year to the end of March next year.

Elsewhere on the call, Zelnick spoke about the "inherent tension" of launching a game while striving for "perfection", again potentially suggesting that a date later in 2025 might be more likely than one sooner. Again, this is all speculation at this point – which is, of course, what we do best here on Grand Theft Autospy. 

Join GamesRadar+'s Features Editor Joe Donnelly and Video Producer Tom Farthing as we dig into that earnings call, while considering the wider series' release dates and how they might tie-in with number six. 

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