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Weekly Replay - Indie Week, the Saints Row IV review, and COD: Ghosts multiplayer revealed

Check back every weekend for our Weekly Replay where we highlight all of our biggest articles and the latest news. This week Saints Row IV gets our full review, and we take a look at everything indie games for the week's theme. Read up on these and more in the links below.

What's next? Is force-feedback the missing link in motion gaming?

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Gone Home review

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Get all of the juicy details on Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer

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Saints Row IV review

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8 rising indie developers to watch

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Pokemon X and Y Weekly - Mega Evolutions

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Is this the biggest ever shake-up of the Grand Theft Auto series? CVG breaks down GTA Online - and it sounds incredible.

"You guys know your sh*t!" CVG interview Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies about Grand Theft Auto Online.

Official Nintendo Magazine

Your one-stop shop for all things Pokemon X and Y Pokedex - New Pokemon.

More Pokemon! Top 5 Pokemon Types - what would be on your list?

Official PlayStation Magazine

"A meaty stealth experience even bleeding heart liberals can’t resist." Check out OPM's Splinter Cell PS3 review and gameplay video.

"It’s a shame there’s not more invention, because when Saints Row 4’s missions do deliver, they do so spectacularly." Click for OPM's Saints Row 4 PS3 review and gameplay video

Official Xbox Magazine

Characters! Perks! Killstreaks! DLC! Plus COD's "biggest overhaul since the original Modern Warfare". OXM's full report on Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer.

A parent's guide: How to avoid cyber-bullying on Xbox Live, and what to do if you encounter it.


In the market for some new wheels? Find out which cars can do 0-60mph the fastest.

When it comes to phones, we're big spenders. Money spent on apps will hit $75 billion by 2017.


TomTom Runner review - Can TomTom's venture into wearable fitness tech outpace the competition?

10 amazing materials that could transform our tech - See what designers will soon be playing with.

Tesco Tech

Support Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin - or something else. TTS finds out which is the best Android browser.

Getting the most from your Xbox? If you haven't updated recently, the answer is "probably not". Here's how to update your Xbox 360.

Total Film

Pass the tissies. It's time to undo years of therapy with 50 Movie Deaths That Ruined Our Childhoods.

It's fresh, shiny and full of film goodness. It's Total Film's new YouTube channel!

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