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Weekly replay - Busy week? Here's what you missed

It's our goal to keep you informed and entertained. But when you're low on time and can only swing by on the weekends, we've decided to make things easier for you, by bringing the best all in one place. There's plenty of content that we put out during the week, but if you want the highlights, just keep reading...

Our Top 7 this week focuses on the amazingly addictive games that somehow makes time fly right on by. So fast in fact, that it's 3am before we realize how much time we've already spent...

Not too sure what the Persona series is about? Don't worry, we'll help you get caught up in our beginner's guide.

Can't wait for GTA 5? Neither can we. Here's what we know about Rockstar's next open-world adventure.

Fighting games have gotten their share of love lately, but there could always be more! See what games we'd LOVE to see HD remakes of.

Do you think that Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest games of all time? We do! Find out why.

Movie material doesn't always translate well into games. But when the roles are reversed... some interesting things can happen. See our list of best video game movies.

Are you all caught up on Persona? No matter, you can still jump into Persona 4 Arena and kick some butt. Check out our review of Atlus' fighting game.

Need something to play on your PlayStation Vita? Sound Shapes is a unique platformer that will capture your attention.

Did we miss anything? What were you most excited for this week?