Weekly Replay - The Anti-Awards, Smash secrets, and more

Whew, 2013 was a great year wasn't it? After a little bit of a hiatus, we are back with our weekly roundups of all of the most popular articles to hit GamesRadar. This week, check out our Anti-Awards for 2013, we have brand new information on Castlevania: LoS 2, Alien: Isolation, and the next shooter from the Left 4 Dead developers, and find out what secrets you probably missed from the Super Smash Bros. series. Read up on all of these articles and more in the links below.

The Anti-Awards of 2013

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - 16 deliciously dark things I did in the first four hours

Left 4 Dead dev's next game is called Evolve, and pits four hunters against one monster

Alien: Isolation - The first Alien game to really matter

Super Smash Bros. most secret secrets


The PlayStation revolution is here find out everything you need to know in our PlayStation Now launch centre

Control freak? We go hands on with Valve's Steam controller

Official Nintendo Magazine

Enjoy NES Remix's twisted take on classic titles with our Expert super guide nes remix

Hail to our new overlord as Nair ditched and Castle is new ONM editor

Official PlayStation Magazine

PS 4 o'clock: PlayStation Now guide

Block buster! Minecraft PS3 Edition Review

Official Xbox Magazine

Primal scream: Alien Isolation Xbox One hands-on and commentary

Thief Xbox One interview - the City, horror, replay value and exploration

Tesco Tech

Thanks to Blu-ray and HD we can now enjoy our favourite TV shows and movies in better picture quality than ever before, but there's a catch - and it has to do with your TV picture settings. Find out how to adjust things like colour, contrast and brightness quickly and easily in Make the most of your TV picture settings

Get any good Blu-rays or DVDs for Christmas? Then the chances are one or two of them may include an UltraViolet version that you can watch on your tablet, smartphone, computer. Find out how in Get started with UltraViolet Digital Copy

Total Film

50 filsm to look forward to in 2014

The best movies of 2013

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