Week of WoW: The Burning Crusade - Day 2: The Blood Elves

After firing up a couple of Blood Elf characters in World of Warcraft's The Burning Crusade expansion, one thing was perfectly clear: the Blood Elves are not very nice beings. You have to cut them a little slack though, their entire civilization and the source of all of their magical power was forcibly torn from them through violent and bloody conflict. That'll sour a folk.

We noticed the parallels with the Draenei immediately - the Blood Elf females were equally staggering in their physical attractiveness... but they didn't have tails or hooves (although, we understand that works for some). As we entered the game in the Blood Elf starting area of Sunstrider Isle, the similarities began to dwindle. The sun-drenched foothills surrounding the Sunstrider Isle are dotted with Blood Elf architecture and tall wide-branched trees of a rich orange color that give the whole place the feel of an endless sunset in the fall.

We chose a Warlock this time, mostly because the magic-using class could take advantage of the Blood Elves ability to drain mana from their enemies. Blood Elf Warlocks are gifted early on with access to a small demon henchman, but we were surprised by its constant cries of, "this isn't in my contract!"