Wednesday news round-up

Stormbreaker star too old
Anthony Horowitz, author of the phenomenally successful young adult Alex Rider spy novels, says that if a sequel is made to Stormbreaker – which was based on a book in the series – then its star, Alex Pettyfer, won’t be returning… because he’ll be too old. The boy spy is 14 in the books, and Pettyfer is now 17. “It was a conscious decision to keep him (Rider, the main character) at that age. Alex Pettyfer is a strapping young man so even if we were to go ahead and make the sequel, Point Blank, I don’t think he would have been up for it, even if the character had got a bit older,” the author reckons, adding that he thinks Daniel Radcliffe is looking too adult to play Harry Potter these days.

Tittle tattle
And in a brief excursion into Heat territory: Buffy and Angel star Charisma (Cordelia) Carpenter has just separated from her husband of five years, Damien Hardy, and Owen Wilson has been spotted on several “romantic” dates with Michelle (Bionic Woman) Ryan.