Wednesday News Link-A-Mania

Tapping on Sanctuary
Amanda Tapping, star of web-to-TV series Sanctuary, tells SCI FI Wire that there will be big changes when the show debuts on television. “The fact is it's already evolving," says Tapping, who plays Dr Helen Magnus. "Our pilot that we're now going to start shooting is very different from what you've seen on the web. But Magnus is still this crazy character. She's 157 years old, and she's very eccentric and very sexy and very unapologetic. I love it."

Julie Benz for Saw V
Buffy’s Darla, Julie Benz, will star in the fifth Saw film, reports Variety . Yep, the nastiest franchise in film history continues its twisty turny run, and this time it’s going to be directed by the production designer from the previous two movies. By Saw XXVII the tea boy might be in with a shout of taking of the helm.

McKellen Eager to Play Gandalf Again
On his personal blog Ian McKellen says that he would he more than happy to play Gandalf again in the two-part Hobbit movie: “Encouragingly, Peter [Jackson] and Fran [Walsh] have told me they couldn't imagine The Hobbit without their original Gandalf,” says McKellen of the films’ producers. Interestingly he then adds: “Their confidence hasn't yet been confirmed by the director Guillermo del Toro but I am keeping my diary free for 2009!” Interesting because del Toro hasn’t actually been finally confirmed as the director, as yet (he said he was in still negotiations as recently as last week – we here at SFX know, because we heard him say it). Does McKellen know something...?