We miss Katamari

Last week, theofficial website for Namco's ingenious ball-rolling collect-'em-up, Katamari Damacy, closed its virtual doors. And, yes, Namco has followed up the move with an announcement that the team behind the game has been disbanded, and there are no more Katamari games planned for the future.

The Katamari Damacy franchise is just three games strong, but that's been enough for it to worm its way into many more hearts than plenty of other, longer-running brands. The series has had two outings on PS2, as well as a PSP conversion - Me and my Katamari - which is presently touching down in the US.

Above: Goodbye, Katamari, goodbye! Good luck with the rest of the universe

The end is no surprise, really, especially since the game's creator stated some time ago that he didn't want to see any sequels to Katamari Damacy. And now Namco has confirmed he's currently working on a new game.

Still, be sure to check out the remaining husk of the official website, as it's now home to a heartbreaking image of Katamari's star, the Prince of Space, waving us all goodbye. Next to a giant bear in a T-shirt. Now that's closure.

March 20, 2006