Watch two Pokemon Wii gameplay reels

From the depths of Nintendo's own Pokedex, we've managed to liberate two clips of Pokemon Battle Revolution, revealing Wii's first Pokemon game to be already in fighting form.

Out now in Japan, this isn't just the first console-based version since GameCube's Colosseum and XD, it is also the first time the beasts can be taken online. So why not click on the Movies tab above to see the monsters in motion?

Above: Revolution uses its own 12 digit friend code instead of a lobby system

But if you don't know the full details of the game, it's a traditional trainer versus trainer affair, much like N64's Stadium. There is also the twist that not only can you use your DS's stock of beasts in battle but the handheld's touch-screen can also be used as a control system in combat. And while there isn't a story mode to worry about you can still develop your stable as you progress through the fights and even buy in extra items at the shop for use in both Revolution or DS's upcoming Diamond and Pearl.

Pokemon Battle Revolution still has no US release date.

December 21, 2006