Watch Tom Hiddleston audition to play Thor

Everyone’s favourite Asgardian villain nearly fought on the side of good within the Marvel universe, as actor Tom Hiddleston originally auditioned to play hero Thor. And now we have our first look at how he looked for the part.

Hiddleston’s audition for Thor is included as a special feature on the soon-to-be-released DVD and Blu-ray for Thor: The Dark World , but Screencrush managed to get hold of these gifs that show the man in action.

All the trademarks are there: blond locks, Mjolnir and a surprising amount of muscle (albeit a leaner kind than can be found on Chris Hemsworth’s strapping shoulders), but Marvel perhaps correctly saw in this audition that the actor was a better fit for villain Loki.

See and judge for yourself:

UPDATE! The video's now online, via Yahoo Movies . Or you can just scroll down to see the gifs.