Watch these Super Mario Odyssey highlights from players (including a nap with a puppy)

Super Mario Odyssey has been out for a weekend, and Nintendo Switch just recently got built-in support for sharing videos to Twitter and other social networks - you can do the math. Players around the world are sharing their favorite moments from their journeys with Mario and Cappy, and they're a ton of fun to watch, whether you're looking for new stuff to do in-game or just want to see Mario take a nap with a puppy.

Beware that several of these player-made highlights could be considered mild spoilers, since so much of Odyssey's appeal lies in its many pleasant surprises. I've tried to steer clear of anything that's really secret, so I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you want to start the game 100-percent fresh.

First things first: I promised you Mario napping with a puppy, and I intend to deliver on that promise.

Mario is a friend to all animals. Except for bipedal turtles. He hates those.

When your day job involves leaping across bottomless chasms, you have to do something to liven up jump rope.

Not even Mario has an easy time getting through a New York - er, New Donk, sorry - crowd. Hey, I'm jumpin' here! 

No one's ever made their first jump.

Sometimes you just need to climb into a hole in a tree and start singing.

All that in mind, Reggie sums the whole thing up pretty well.

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