Watch The First 10 Minutes Of Evil Dead 2 Documentary Swallowed Souls

Full-length Evil Dead II documentary Swallowed Souls is the definitive guide to the making of the cult horror classic, and we've got the first ten minutes for you right here.

Our exclusive ten minute section features contributions from Scott Spiegel, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Kassie Wesley, Denise Bixler and loads more cast and crew members.

It also features footage from Scott Spiegel's short film Attack Of The Helping Hand , which directly influenced Ash's infamous possessed paw.

You also get to hear Bruce Campbell explain how they came up with the combination of "Raw horror and raw gags" that makes Evil Dead II so distinctive ( and amazing ).

We're massive fans of the movie, so we're really pleased to be able to bring this to you. Watch it below, then tell us what you think!

The Special Edition Blu-ray features the full 98-minute doc, and lots more cool special features.

Buy it from April 15 2013. And don't forget, the new Evil Dead movie is in cinemas on April 18.

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