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Watch how your Hunter evolves in Destiny 2 as you raise your Power Level from 0 - 270

Check out how our Hunter changed as we level from 0 - 270 from powerless lost soul to kickass Raid beater in Destiny 2, all in just 70 seconds. If only it took that long in-game, you’d be raiding in no time at all. 

Everyone knows that Destiny 2 is secretly a fashion show, with Guardians coming together in the Tower to show off their latest Exotic gauntlets, snazzy new boots or that sniper rifle they found down the back of a loot chest. But of course, looking great isn’t the only part of picking up new stuff in Destiny 2, because, as every Guardian knows, each one comes with a number. 

Earning new gear and guns is key to increasing your Power level in Destiny 2. The higher the Power level on your kit, the higher your overall Power level is going to be. A lot of the game’s content is locked behind different Power level stages. For example, Nightfall needs to be at 230, the new Destiny 2 Leviathan raid needs you to be at least 260 (but we all know you need to be much, much higher than that) and to get the Legend of Acrius you’ll have to hit that glittering goal of 300. And anyone just starting out knows that’s a long, long way off for a lot of Guardians. 

However, we’ve got there and are quite amazed at how much we’ve enjoyed the journey, as you’ll see in our extensive Destiny 2 review diary. But more importantly, it’s cool to see the evolution of our hunter as we raised our power level from 0-270 over the course of the campaign and the game’s glorious post-story adventures. 

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Sam Loveridge
Sam Loveridge

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