Warners is remaking Outland

Yes, the endless game of remake roulette has pointed its cine-cannon at 1981 Sean Connery sci-fi pic Outland.

Warners and 300 producers Gianni Nunnari and Craig J Flores are teaming up to get a new version of the film going, which itself was basically High Noon in space.

Shir Shean Shtarred as a police marshal trying to bring justice to a mining colony on Jupiter's moon Io but discovering a conspiracy that threatens to tear the place apart.

Now Michael Davis - who brought us the madness of Shoot 'Em Up - has been charged with directing the new take on the plot, from a script by Chad St John.

According to Davis, the plans is to "stay true to the thematic heart of Outland while expanding the space frontier concept." We'll be finding out what that means soon enough...

[Source: Variety ]

A new Outland? Who can possibly replace Connery? Let us know...

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