Warner Bros set to spark Firestorm

If you’re under 18, you may not be able to stroll up to the bar at your local hostelry, and you may not be able to vote but don’t lose heart – you can just give saving the world a go instead.

Warner Brothers have cranked open the chequebook for the latest novel-to-screen adaptation about a young lad at the heart of a huge battle being fought across time.

Firestorm will be based on the first book in the planned Caretaker trilogy from Kiss The Girls screenwriter David Klass. The novel is loaded with environmental subtext and was the first page-turner to be given an official thumbs-up from Greenpeace. It sees a Stateside teenager thrown into a fight to stop the decay of our planet.

Firestorm follows Warner’s huge success with the Harry Potter series and with the recent Stormbreaker and upcoming Dark Materials trilogy, it seems snaffling the rights to young adult novels is top of the Hollywood hit-list right now.

The second book in Klass’ trilogy, Whirlwind, is based around saving the rainforests and the third, Timelock, will see high school hero Jack take on global warming.