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Warhawk public beta confirmed for US

Sony is giving US PS3 gamers the opportunity to get hands-on with Warhawk this month in a public beta set to kick off on May 24 - however, it's not currently clear whether the beta will be accessible overseas.

Warhawk will be released as a download via the PlayStation Store as well as at retail on disc. A report on Shacknews says the retail version will come with a Bluetooth headset allowing you to chat in-game along with game demos.

Multiplayer-only Warhawk features vehicular and ground-troop combat and is like an arcade-oriented version of Battlefield. You can see several new screenshots by clicking on the Images tab above.

The confirmation on the Warhawk public beta comes a day after word on plans for a public beta for PS3 shooter Killzone. Which was also the same day the Halo 3 beta went live. Funny that...

May 17, 2007