Warhawk and Lair set for PS3 launch day

A top Sony exec has confirmed that both Sony's own Warhawk and Lair from developer Factor 5 are already lined up as launch titles for PS3.

When notstaggering under a nametag that read "Co-Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President and Corporate Executive Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc", Mr Jack Tretton was the man who let the feline flee from its fabric encasement during an online interview.

Answering a question about PS3 power and the previously seen demos, Tretton said, "Warhawk is playable and you can compare the graphics and see them live. And Lair, another one of our launch titles, has live footage that compares very favorably to that which was shown at the E3 press conference".

Warhawk is the all-action flight sim/shooter that has wowed audiences by showing hundreds of hovering foes on-screen, while Lair is a somewhat mysterious dragon-based game developed by the team behind such Gamecube titles as Rogue Squadron.

February 22, 2006