Warhammer Online slips to 2008

One of 2007's most hotly anticipated MMORPGs has become one of 2008's most hotly anticipated MMORPGs - Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoningisdelayed. EA Mythic's Mark Jacobs has revealed the game will now release in Q1 2008 in the US and Europe. It was originally expected later this year.

"Since our acquisition by EA, we have been afforded many wonderful development opportunities and we plan to take full advantage of everything that is available. This includes taking several additional months to make the best MMORPG possible," Jacobs said in a Warhammer Online newsletter.

He went to reveal how the development team has gone back and reworked certain parts of the game after reviewing work more or less completed, describing the results of this revisit as "nothing short of spectacular."

He explained, "By extending our development time, we'll be able to do these in-depth reviews several times prior to launch to ensure all areas of Warhammer benefit from the experience of ongoing development."

Jacobs said at the end of the newsletter, "This change to our ship date is probably not the news you were hoping to hear. In the end, we'll be able to reward your patience with a truly next-generation MMORPG that will make GW proud, all of us at EA thrilled and most importantly, you, the players, as happy as a Black Orc in battle. We only get one chance at a successful launch, and we plan to catapult this one over the walls of Altdorf."

April 26, 2007