Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

High Elves are an ancient, magical race that left the Old World many centuries ago, retreating to the hidden island of Ulthuan. They returned to the Old World by ships during the Great War, lending their magic and skill to the human ranks of the Empire to push the Chaos invasion back. After the war, many elves stayed in the Old World and taught the realm of men some of their magic. The High Elves see themselves as protectors of the world, and will go to war alongside the ranks of humans to thwart Chaos again.

Elven magic derives from a pure form of Chaos energy and is far more powerful than the magic used by men. A High Elf Mage on the battlefield is a powerful ally, and it's truly an awesome spectacle when he wields his spells.

Because of their gifts in magic, the Elven ability to forge unique items and armor is also great. Quite often, you will see a High Elf wearing a magical piece of armor that was handed down to him, from father to son.

In addition to magic, the High Elves are surgical warriors whose orderly ranks and precise attacks make them deadly even in small numbers. They strike in the perfect balance of speed and strength, centuries of practice put to use on the battlefield. Their training in the physical arts can be as fanatical as their natural talents commanding the winds of magic, making them twice as deadly. Even though Spearman are militia by name, decades of training make them as lethal as any paid soldier.