Warhammer hits Xbox 360

Aug 24 2007

Namco Bandai have announced that they will be bringing the Warhammer franchise - that's the old school, 'I'm gonna get medieval on your ass' version folks - to Xbox 360 with Warhammer: Battle March. Though on PC a mere expansion for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, the Xbox 360 version will feature both the original and expansion content of this action focused RTS.

Full details of the additional content has yet to be confirmed, though is likely to include four-player head-to-head or team play over Xbox Live and tweaked controls. Thesefirst screens give us an insight though - and it straight off appears far more vivid to look at than anything that's appeared on PC. They give us a first peek at two brand new factions making their debut: the cruel and brutal Orks and Goblins, the lumbering powerhouses of the Warhammer universe, and the majestically sinister Dark Elves, fragile but nimble and masters of dark magic.

Above: We can't decide if we're more impressed with the sheer frightfulness of those Orks or that sunset. It's awesome.

We expect that most of the content will be the same as the PC version, and you can get our thoughts on that in our Mark of Chaosreview, but if it stays true to its roots Battle March will be a smaller scale, more customisable version relative of the Total War franchise. As for additional stuff, we'll be bringing full details as and when we get them.