WarGames 2 is go

Talk about striking while the iron is so cold that ice cubes snuggle around it for warmth… MGM is all systems go on a sequel to Matthew Broderick’s 1983 compu-venture WarGames. For those who can’t recall – or let’s face it, weren’t born when the original was released – it told the tale of a high school slacker computer whizz who cracked into a top secret Pentagon war simulation machine and nearly brought about the fiery, nuclear-flavoured end of mankind.

Well guess what? The US military held onto the machine, and instead of unplugging it or loading up Windows (which would have caused it to crash and thereby stopped any new threats), they’re only now trying to shut the thing down. That’s all the plot info announced, but we do know the company – or at least its TV Distribution Group (which means this and the other new films are either destined for direct-to-DVD or TV movieland) – has set a shoot date of November in Montreal.

Also announced were follow-ups to the likes of Legally Blonde (now on its third instalment, with the promise that “Beauty and brains bring big laughs!” – but no Reese Witherspoon), ice skating-capade Cutting Edge 3, the previously announced Species 4 and, finally, Into The Blue 2, which is expected to simply be 90 minutes of Jessica Alba in swimwear. Or, more likely her cheaper substitute plucked from the latest reality show. Paul Walker’s part, meanwhile, will be played by a trained seal.

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