Warframe's coming to Nintendo Switch so you can be a space ninja wherever

Warframe on Nintendo Switch is happening, meaning you'll be able to play one of the best free games on the handiest console. Developer Digital Extremes announced at TennoCon 2018 that it's working with prolific Switch port studio Panic Button (who you may remember from the surprisingly full-fat Nintendo Switch Wolfenstein 2 and Doom ports) to bring the long-running space ninja game to Nintendo's home and handheld console.

They even showed off the game running to members of the crowd, which was pretty cool. If you weren't at TennoCon to see it yourself, you can at least watch this official Warframe on Switch trailer.

Digital Extremes and Panic Button didn't announce any release date or window for when the port will arrive, but the fact that it's already playable is pretty promising. You can tell from the gameplay shown in the trailer that the performance and visual effects aren't quite up to par with the game's current look on other platforms when playing in handheld mode. But there's an undeniable appeal to exploring the Plains of Eidolon from the comfort of your bed or toilet or wherever you have a decent wifi connection.

Stay tuned for more news from TennoCon 2018 very soon - there's some new stuff coming you'll definitely want to play on the go or gathered around with friends.

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Connor Sheridan

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