WandaVision initially had a demonic rabbit subplot

WandaVision initially had a subplot involving a demonic rabbit, according to director Matt Shakman, who recently detailed more of what changed during the show's production. Shakman was a guest on the Fatman Beyond podcast hosted by Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin this past Sunday, March 7. Check it out above, and keep in mind Shakman arrives around 35 minutes in. 

Warning: WandaVision spoilers after this point. 

Shakman discusses fan theories including the "everyone was Mephisto" collection of theories that popped up after the big Agatha Harkness reveal. "The cicada on the curtain that was Mephisto...the mailman was Mephisto," he says, laughing. " It turns out that there was actually a plan for a super demonic character to be included in WandaVision - it just wasn't Mephisto. "We did have something more planned for Senor Scratchy," Shakman explains. "Which we ultimately couldn't do because the finale had so many different chess pieces." 

Shakman and the team wrote a sequence where Darcy, Monica, and the kids meet up at Agatha's house and attempt to steal the dark magic spellbook Darkhold. Señor Scratchy hops up in front of the book, upon which everyone reacts with appropriate "Aw" - only for him to have an "American Werewolf in London transformation" where he turns into a massive demonic familiar to Agatha. The team even shot it, but didn't finish all of the effects. 

Shakman also details how the pandemic changed other aspects of WandaVision's production, including that the team initially planned to release the first three episodes on the same night. Shakman explains that this would have been a "slightly different experience" as it would have ended with Monica Rambeau getting expelled from the Hex. The episodes were instead released weekly due to COVID-19, as Shakman only finished the WandaVision finale "a couple of weeks ago." 

Also, despite fan theories, there was never any intention to introduce the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards into WandaVision. When Monica mentions an "aerospace engineer" who can help them get into the Hex, fans theories went wild on Reddit - forcing Shakman to confirm the aerospace engineer wasn't a big deal ahead of the finale. "We're building to this rover set-piece which I have worked my butt off on for well over a year, creating this rover, and all of a sudden everybody wants to know who's gonna meet her there," Shakman says. "The producer in me was like 'oh don't run with that one'."

So, no Reed Richards, but almost a demonic rabbit. WandaVision continues to entertain us, even after its season finale. 

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