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Wachowskis Cobalt Neural 9 plot revealed

Wachowski Brothers

Cobalt Neural 9 , the new movie from Matrix sibs the Wachowski Brothers, has had its plot revealed online for the first time – and it’s every bit as out there as you’d expect.

Vulture report that the film will follow the homosexual relationship between US soldier Butch and an Iraqi, who conspire together to assassinate George W. Bush.

The flick will be shot in a Cinéma vérité style, with footage made to look like it's been sourced from news stories, while a busy, complex narrative will jump around in time while also involving an alternate present where Bush is still US President.

We know what you’re thinking: Only the Wachowskis could make an Iraq war movie that involves an unconventional love story paired with raw footage and an attempt on ex-President Bush’s life.

Still, it shouldn’t involve too much CGI (complaints aimed at both the Matrix sequels as well as the siblings’ Speed Racer movie), and seems to be more of an intimate drama than an epic shoot-em-up.

Oh, and that title? It's apparently completely meaningless and will be changed in the near future...