VOTE: The Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Final Episodes Ever

With three telefantasy shows being given the rare luxury of proper, planned-for series conclusions in the past few months – Merlin , Fringe and Being Human – we thought it was about time to back at some other great final episodes. But rather than SFX telling you what we think made great series finales (in which case The Prisoner would be a contender for the number one position) we thought we’d put democracy into action and let you vote for your three favourites.

We’re being pretty stringent on what counts as a final episode, though…

• It must have been written in the knowledge that it was a final episode, or – at the very least – was likely to be a final episode (we’re thinking Angel , Dollhouse and Blake’s 7 here)

• Final episodes of self-contained mini-series don’t count (not that anyone would want to vote for the final episode of Kingdom Hospital , surely)

• Classic Doctor Who doesn’t count (not just because the show came back, but because merely writing a hastily tacked-on final voiceover isn’t enough for us)

• We are including “The Peacekeeper Wars” because we make up the rules, okay!

• We left free vote section at the bottom in case we’ve missed anything obvious. But if you do suggest something, it will only be added to the main voting list if it follows our rules, that we made up, and we can bend or be a stickler about as much as we like.

Enough small print – on with the voting! Results in a couple of weeks.


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