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Vote in the 2011 Total Film Movie Blog Awards

The 2011 Total Film Movie Blog Awards

The 2011 Total Film Blog Awards are our biggest and best yet - so big in fact we've have had to make extra room...

We were inundated with nominations over the past four weeks, so many of you emailed to tell us about your favourite blogs and bloggers that we felt it would be a shame to only allow 5 or 10 nominees per category... so we've expanded each category to 20 nominees!

The biggest change is in the categories themselves.

The category with the most nomination requests by far was Best Overall Blog - a category we defined as 'a blog featuring movie news, reviews and features'.

Due to the fact a lot of the nominations we recieved were for blogs who simply review films, we wanted to celebrate that rather than punish it, so we created a whole new category; Best Review Blog .

We also folded 'Best Meme Blog' and 'Best Funny Blog' into 'Best Single Serving Blog' due to overlap, and now we're left with five categories, each with 20 nominees!

Also you may notice a lack of big-name blogs, as this year we're championing the little guy - so big-hitting previous winners such as Slash Film, Team Twilight and Hey U Guys - among others - are out (sorry folks, but you're just too good!).

Finally, apologies to anyone who feels overlooked. As ever, we couldn't nominate everyone, but if you leave your URL in the comments, we'll be sure to check you out - and there's always next year.

Without further adieu, let the voting commence...