Voice actors tease Mafia 3 news, Kingdom Hearts 3 date

More news on the Mafia series may emerge soon and Kingdom Hearts 3 could release in 2015, if loose-lipped voice actors on Twitter have their stories straight. Both Rick Pasqualone, who stars as Vito Scaletta in 2010's Mafia 2, and Bill Farmer, who is the modern voice of Goofy in Disney productions and the Kingdom Hearts series, provoked some buzz with their recent tweets.

A fan who implored Pasqualone to make Mafia 3 was told that he "might have some exciting news very soon", as was another who apparently just asked Pasqualone if he had a good Christmas. Despite persistent rumors, 2K Games has said little about the open-world crime franchise since it released Mafia 2 in 2010. But this isn't the first long recess for Mafia - the first game shipped back in 2002.

Moving on to Kingdom Hearts 3, Farmer told a fan (in a since-deleted Tweet) that he and his fellow voice actors had been recording lines "for the last few years", and that it is "supposed to come out later this year". An official Square Enix account clarified soon after that there was a "goof" (get it) and Kingdom Hearts 3's release date remains unannounced.

Still, that's not an outright denial - just a clarification that Square Enix hasn't announced an official date... and that Farmer probably wasn't supposed to say that.

Connor Sheridan

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