Visualize Sadness

Developer Nibris has released a trio of images for its upcoming Wii project Sadness. Presented entirely in black and white, this gothic horror adventure will shun heavy violence and action for a thick, pervading atmosphere. Whether or not it's actually coming to the US is still in the air.

From the looks of it, these screens come straight from a live-action cutscene, however, Nibris has let us in on some gameplay details, explaining that the Wii controller will allow players to drive away rats with a torch. You can also swing the controller to hurl a lasso or use it to enact "slitting the throat of a persecutor with a piece of glass." So there's still some violence to look forward to then - just please promise we won't look absurd miming out a lasso action.

Nibris plans to release a trailer - from which these screens are taken - shortly after next week's E3 show, so we'll be sure to bring it to your attention.

May 5, 2006

Above: If she's a prominent character, the game will be anything but sad