Vile Lair add-on

Make the most of your vampirism by taking over the notorious Vile Lair, once home to Greywyn Blenwyth - the infamous vampire leader of the Crimson Scars. The doors to the Vile Lair will open Thursday, adding-on a new homestead to the role-playing marathon, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Your new refuge will be a multilevel underwater sanctuary, where you can satisfy your thirst for blood in its "cattle pen", or cure your dark gift at the Shrine of Sithis. Alchemists and assassins will delight at the indoor garden of venomous plants, where the deadly Chokeberry waits to become your enemies' last meal.

The Vile Lair can be yours on July 13, 2006 for $1.89 on the PC directly from the Oblivion site, or downloaded from the Xbox Marketplace for 150 Microsoft Points.

July 12, 2006