VIDEO: Luigi officially official for Super Mario Galaxy 2

Only a matter of days separate us from Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Nintendo has slowly been leaking out info to let us know how super cool this sequel is going to be. First we sawLight Yoshi and Stone Mario (opens in new tab), which was followed by the introduction ofCloud Mario (opens in new tab). And now,just as we had guessed (opens in new tab), the green machine is returning as a playable character, which is confirmed in the Weegee-fied vid below.

Our hope is that this more open reveal of Luigi will mean he's much easier to unlock as playable than he was the first time. As he phrases it at the start, he’s decided to collect Power Stars too, which perhaps means you can choose to play as him at any point during Mario’s playthrough, instead of having to start a new gamefrom scratch after getting 120 stars. Here’s a taste of the new screens we got today as well. You can see the resthere (opens in new tab).

Above: The screens were delivered inside this fancy, false Yoshi egg

May 5, 2010

Henry Gilbert

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