Luigi in Mario Galaxy 2? Official Japanese site says yes

With just 30 days separating us and the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, we are jumping at any new info we can dig up, whether it’sCloud Mario or the appearance of anew co-op character. Now the official Japanese site for Galaxy 2 just revealed a whole new bombshell: Luigi will be in the sequel to the greatest Wii game ever.

Above: Drink it up Weegee lovers

Want to see it for yourself? Just followthis linkand then click on the area we point at below.

Above: Luigi isn’t missing, he’s right under the orange arrow

Anyway, as far as we could tell Luigi’s role in 2 seems pretty similar to the original. Apparently in the above image Luigi is talking about how he can help Mario find a star just like he did in the first game. Also on the site is a blurb seemingly mentioning how Luigi plays a bit more slippery than his brother, again following the lead of the sequel.

We suppose we didn’t not expect to see Luigi in SMG2, the thought never really crossed our minds until the Japanese site brought it up. Here’s hoping that it isn’t the insane pain to unlock him as it waslast time. And if you’re craving more info on the green one, check our unauthorized biography,Luigi: A Life in Shadows.

Apr 22, 2010

Henry Gilbert

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