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New Mario Galaxy 2 footage pops up on Japanese site

Oh boy! Nintendo's Official Japanese site has just unveiled a batch ofnewglimpses into Mario Galaxy 2… Unfortunately, they’re in a crappy video player about the size of a GBA cart. But you know you want to see them anyway! Don’t speak Japanese? We’ve got you covered:

GamesRadar: Keeping you unilingual!

The videos may not be of the finest technical quality, but they still showcase an awful lot of new stuff in a very brief span of time. Blink and you’ll miss beautiful new levels, Bowser Jr’s castle, the return of the Dino Piranha, and some classic Mario theme music reorchestrated to perfection. Best of all, these sneak peaks look to be the first crop of more to come. Hopefully, the West will receive higher quality vids very soon. Until then, we English speaking gamers will go back to being jealous.

Above: And what the hell is this thing?! Allegedly, that gibberish next to this new Luma character translates to "Baby Chico"

Click here to read our latest preview. Oh, and here’s an older, better trailer, if that's any comfort.

Apr 15, 2010